Peak Season – February -Ski instructor – St. Anton am Arlberg

It’s the beginning of February. High ski season is starting in one week in St.Anton am Arlberg / Arlberg (actually whole Tirol, Vorarlberg, Salzburg etc). All Ski-schools are getting busy, and it can be difficult to get a certain private ski instructor or off-piste guide, if you don’t book in advance.  

Most people have a tendency to book a last minute ski instructor, because booking a ski instructor isn’t the most important thing to think of firstly, when going on a ski holiday!? 

There are several ski schools in St.Anton, and of course you can just show up in one of the schools and book for the day for private or group lessons.

Just have in mind that in high season it can be more difficult to get the instructor you wanted from last year or an (experienced) instructor or the one, who speaks your language, because they are simply fully booked (peak week from 10 th of february etc).  

Also the group lessons for kids and adults can be quite crowded  (max. 12 people).

But when people first get the experience, that it’s difficult to get the instructor they want, they learn – next time – to book long time in advance.

So do you know long time before, that you are going on ski holiday in high season – especially in February and you need a certain ski instructor to ski with, then I will give you an advice:


IF YOU HAVE A FAVORITE SKI INSTRUCTOR, Then book him or her a long time before – if possible – if you want to make sure you will ski or your kids or wife/husband will ski with the instructor they want to ski with…

It gives less stress – and on a holiday it’s important not having stress, but pleasure, togetherness, joy, fun and eat and do things that makes you happy :-).

I hope it was good information for you.

/Freeridegirl alias Anne-Louise





Why ?


Some people ask, why I don’t compete in FreerideWorldTour, when I have named my homepage: ?

For some years back, I named this homepage/blog “”, because the name/domain wasn’t taken & I love skiing powder & being out in nature, away from people, away from the daily life pressure. Also I will show the world that skiing in off-piste is not always about competing (there are too much of that in the world),  but also about other aspects such:

The Feeling, The flow. The freedom. The unity between people hiking up a mountain top, being out in the nature, the moment, the wildlife etc.










I might have the ski level to compete in a FreerideWorldTour qualifier (I can ski :-)), but it’s not my intention with skiing.  I’m also not interested to get injured, and each thing to each time. Right now I don’t feel for it. I like to play around on the mountains with friends and teach people and clients and give them a good experience out in the snow.  

Since childhood my whole life has been very competitive (between family, friends, relationships, work, schooltests etc). It was always about being the best, and for what reason?

recognition, satisfaction, making yourself happy, sponsors, and other people happy etc. You might have some additions ? 

Many people like to be the best, and competition makes many people happy, but competition can also be associated with a lot of pressure no matter what subject it’s about. And too much pressure is unhealthy… Or at least for me!

I love skiing in off-piste without competing on higer levels. Off course I compete against my self and sometimes agains my boyfriend or brother etc., ( instinct) : -))  making my own goals etc., and I still compete unconsciously with some people while skiing, because I have it in my blood, it was a part of my upbringing. But you can also be a FreerideGirl without competing too much. I just want to show another aspect of it to people. My passion is not always about competing or being the best.  Once it was – but not anymore. Good for that! 

And I have come to this point:

Many people live through to achieve. Sometimes you just have to get to a point that you are good enough as a human being without having to be the best. The people who love you from the heart, they will always be there for you whether you win or lose. Do you understand?