Skiing during pregnancy?

YES or NO? Is it safe?

NOTHING is Safe in this world ?! DO WHAT YOU FEEL FOR!

Maybe it’s good for you, but if you feel doubts, anxiety or fear about it, then you shouldn’t ski, but do something else. A pregnancy is only 9 months.


Here below is my EXPERIENCE about skiing during pregnancy and my recommendations to women, who consider to ski during pregnancy.

I was pregnant the whole winter season 2017/2018. Skiing is a big part of my life (passion, work & identity).

In the first 3-4 months of pregnancy, I skied like I “normal” do. On a relative high ski level. What I wanted to do, but could control without doing wild races etc. When I was 5, 6 & 7 months pregnant, I skied more gentle and soft: Skiing at empty areas is really important  – with pleasure and joy and control… When I was around 6 months pregnant, I also did a little skitour; Rendl, Kreuzjochspitze, Kappl & back to Arlberg. I love this tour. I had a good time with my partner, and I wouldn’t do it, if I didn’t felt well.

Around 7 months of pregnancy it got hard getting my ski boots on and off. My stomach got bigger. I felt I had to stop. I felt quite big & heavy. Also the pressure DOWN… OMG!

skiing while pregnant. Schöngraben powderrun. St. Anton am Arlberg. 14 December 2017.


When I compared my skiing one year later (2019), I could feel I was much more lighter on the skis, and I my body was not so tired after skiing than when I was pregnant. While I was pregnant and went skiing, my body got much faster tired than normal. In the situation I could not feel it, but afterwards (2019) I could. I felt that change a lot during this ski season (2018/2019). But remember I did not only ski one week /year, when I was pregnant. I skied maybe 4 times a week / 5 months…

I also only gained 12 Kilogram in weight during my whole pregnancy. But when you get pregnant or fat (suppose it’s the same process), your body get used to the more weight naturally, so your body grow and you don’t always see it, before you watch yourself in the mirror. Also “fat” people feel more tired or feel more energy, when they have lost some weight 🙂

Did I have any doubts skiing while pregnant?

I only got my doubts about skiing during pregnancy, when other people told me not to. Some people were not really nice to me. Maybe they just wanted to help me the best. I got sad, when some people people found it crazy skiing during pregnancy, but I did what was best for me. They don’t know me. I know my self best. What’s good for me. Especially men always had an opinion. They don’t know how it is to be a pregnant woman at all!

When mum is happy, baby is happy in your stomach as well.


I listened to myself, and it was a good choice, because skiing was good for me. Much better than sitting at home and getting Frustrated or Depressed. I almost ski like I walk, and I felt good about it. Cold air, snow and sunshine helped my pregnant health… Getting out each day skiing while pregnant was much better for me than sitting at home watching a movie with chips and feeling more fat! It makes me depressed being too much inside – and my body cannot handle just being lazy.


I was very active during pregnancy. Every day. Swimming. Skiing & a lot of walking with the dog. It was a good time. The baby had a good time as well. I had a good time pregnant. If I made too much of nothing, I started to get headache or got sad or something what wasn’t good for me. Fresh air and movement & healthy food was one of my keys to a healthy pregnancy. Only in the end of my pregnancy, I just did very calm stuff. I slowed down a lot, because the pressure down was heavy for me & my body….

Staying active during pregnancy is always good. You also produce more endorphins, which leads you in a more happy mood. I also believe that you get a more happy child, if mum is happy.

(My child is a smiling little boy now, maybe it’s just a coencidence, but he is often in a great, smiling mood)

If you suddenly start to bleed or it hurts, some unexpected happening, then you have to stop, but that’s with all sport activity…


Not every woman is like me.


Firstly: I wouldn’t go skiing, if I was a totally beginner. Then the risk of falling is VERY BIG! Skiing is a high impact sport and there is a higher risk of falling or collision. If you are an experienced skier there is less risk of such things happening.

Second:  Most important is to avoid the big crowds on special rush hours. If you don’t know the area well, you can consider to book a ski instructor, who knows which areas are more quiet during the day, so you can avoid the “dangerous rush hour” places in the ski area.

BE AWARE OF: Especially In 3 trimester falling on your bump or people running into you can be dangerous for you and your baby…

Anyways, RISK IS RELATIVE & accidents can suddenly happens – you can have bad luck.

For me it would be more risk involved to walk on the street in winter with ice or going on a bike than skiing. You can also fall down some stairs or somewhere in your house on your stomach.


If you go on a skiing holiday and are pregnant, you don’t necessarily need to ski or cancel your trip with your family, because you got pregnant. You can do lots of other stuff than skiing e.g. walking in nature, swimming, wellness, reading a book etc., while the other part of your family goes skiing.

Why ?


Some people ask, why I don’t compete in FreerideWorldTour, when I have named my homepage: ?

For some years back, I named this homepage/blog “”, because the name/domain wasn’t taken & I love skiing powder & being out in nature, away from people, away from the daily life pressure. Also I will show the world that skiing in off-piste is not always about competing (there are too much of that in the world),  but also about other aspects such:

The Feeling, The flow. The freedom. The unity between people hiking up a mountain top, being out in the nature, the moment, the wildlife etc.










I might have the ski level to compete in a FreerideWorldTour qualifier (I can ski :-)), but it’s not my intention with skiing.  I’m also not interested to get injured, and each thing to each time. Right now I don’t feel for it. I like to play around on the mountains with friends and teach people and clients and give them a good experience out in the snow.  

Since childhood my whole life has been very competitive (between family, friends, relationships, work, schooltests etc). It was always about being the best, and for what reason?

recognition, satisfaction, making yourself happy, sponsors, and other people happy etc. You might have some additions ? 

Many people like to be the best, and competition makes many people happy, but competition can also be associated with a lot of pressure no matter what subject it’s about. And too much pressure is unhealthy… Or at least for me!

I love skiing in off-piste without competing on higer levels. Off course I compete against my self and sometimes agains my boyfriend or brother etc., ( instinct) : -))  making my own goals etc., and I still compete unconsciously with some people while skiing, because I have it in my blood, it was a part of my upbringing. But you can also be a FreerideGirl without competing too much. I just want to show another aspect of it to people. My passion is not always about competing or being the best.  Once it was – but not anymore. Good for that! 

And I have come to this point:

Many people live through to achieve. Sometimes you just have to get to a point that you are good enough as a human being without having to be the best. The people who love you from the heart, they will always be there for you whether you win or lose. Do you understand?